An introduction to the South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit

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As part of its purpose, the South West Fraud Forum is committed to ensuring its members know where to go when considering/dealing with fraud. Therefore, as a community, they can play their part to ensure their business and employees are as resilient as possible.

In that vein, we have developed a seminar series based on the theme of: building a strong fraud prevention, response, pursuit network and the South West Fraud Forum is delighted to host and introduce the following session from the SWRCCU.

Criminals are increasingly using cyber attacks to commit fraudulent acts against organisations and fraud against businesses can be preceded by cyber attacks.

The South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit (SWRCCU) investigate cyber dependent crimes affecting organisations across the South West. They also help organisations become more cyber resilient through free guidance and workshops, and deter people from engaging in cyber crime.

The unit’s Protect officers operate as part of the larger Protect network, which is coordinated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the public arm of GCHQ. As such, all of the unit’s proactive support uses nationally recognised advice, which is reinforced with insights from their real life investigations in the form of case studies.

This input will cover how the SWRCCU investigates cyber crime, how SW organisations can use their free workshops and resources to become more resilient to attacks, and how to engage with the police when an incident occurs

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